Monday, October 13, 2008


The Story Behind AnaNOitch

My Name is Ana. Some years ago I used to suffer from this terrible anal itch. Just like you, I have tried all kinds of prescription medications and OTC products. NOTHING HELPED. One day I mentioned this to my grandma, and she started laughing! She said that she used to suffer from the same thing until "her" grandma told her what to do. So she shared with me the mixture for a 100% natural remedy and how to prepare it. My anal itching stopped completely and I have been itch free since.

So I called it Ana.NO.itch!

I started with a US National trial. I offered my remedy to men and women all over the US, who just like you and me, have been suffering for a long time. After just a few days, 100% of the men and women became itch FREE.

You are welcome to visit the website to learn more about Anal / Rectal Itching.

Please make sure that you check out the handwritten and signed testimonials that we continually receive from all over the world.


Emma said...

Hi Ana,

What are the ingredients in this remedy?



AnaNOitch said...

The AnaNOitch remedy smells so good and contains 100% natural organic ingredients: Purified water, dissolved black tea, Rose water, lemon juice, honey,
sea salt and vitamin E.